About Us

About Us

The area of Swinley has, over the past 3 years, seen an increase in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). Little seems to have been done to resolve it, and mostly this is due to a lack of information.

The reality is, a lot has been done. Over the past 3 years we have worked with the council and local councillors to try and stop ASB, focussing on the old college behind Kenyon Road. The joint efforts have identified areas for improvement such as:

  • Implementing much needed CCTV in Mesnes Park
  • Re-securing the Pagefield Mill
  • Implementing professional security patrols of the mill.

However, many of these changes have been temporary. Only the CCTV cameras remain in place. This is down to a lack of funding and a lack of accountability by absent property owners.

Since this website was introduced, we have managed to secure more support from the local council and our councillors.

We now have direct links to the Wigan Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team and are working on an improvement plan that should see systematic permanent resolutions to our problems.

We also have the full backing of the local councillors on this issue, and real buy-in from them with regards to the reporting of ASB through this website.

It’s been a whirlwind few days, and much progress has been made. We need to continue the work and pushing for the meaningful change residents need and deserve.

We hope that this website and the progress we make through it, shall form the basis for sister-sites throughout the borough to make the same improvements to the local area.