Swinley Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting

Report Anti-Social Behaviour easily and efficiently.

Welcome to Swinley Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting website.

This website has been created to allow residents of the Swinley area of Wigan to report Anti-Social Behaviour (and any other associated crimes) easily and efficiently.

This will allow the local community to gather as much information as possible to press both the Local Authority and Police into making real change in the area.

Since 2017 we have seen petty and serious crime rise in the area, and one of the most prominent is Anti-Social Behaviour.

The local residents need a way to record all incidents easily and efficiently, so that we can present these to the police and councillors to push for real meaningful changes to re-raise the profile of the area.

Report Form

Please use this form to report Anti-Social Behaviour, even if you have reported it to the Police already.

Offence Date (required):
Have you reported this to the Police?
If yes, what is the reference number?
Please ensure you have read the terms below, and are happy for us to hold this report for the purposes of fighting Anti-Social Behaviour.

About the information we are asking for

The above contact form asks some very basic questions, but some of the fields are set to “required” meaning that we need them to be answered before you can submit the report.

We promise that the information being asked for here is needed. It will only ever be presented in full to the Police and Local Authority as part of our quest to improve the area.

We may, on occasion, list the reports for the purpose of public information. We will always ensure that the information is completely anonymous. We will never display personal or identifiable information into the public domain.